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Jazmin, Head Designer + Founder of Studio TKFV

Our Story

I’m Jazmin, Head Designer and Founder of Studio TKFV. The Studio was born out of my innate desire to curate, tell visual stories, and work with brands that actually care about what they create and sell, the people the serve and employ, and the impact of their business on the environment and their community. After years of working in fashion, I realized that I didn't want to work for one brand for the rest of my life, I wanted to work with a multitude of brands— brands with whom I share the same values. I find joy in helping aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses align their brand’s visual story with their purpose to share their passions with the world— and I created The Studio to do just that.

The Studio partners with small businesses looking to build purposeful brands intended to inspire. Rooted in simplicity, intention and thoughtfulness, our design process helps to facilitate a deeper connection between you, your brand + your audience. 

We believe in the power and beauty of clean design and refined aesthetics to help a brand’s message be seen, heard, and felt, without distraction. Both work together to encourage a natural relationship with your audience and help to establish a genuine and relatable brand image. 

At The Studio, we value authenticity. Designing from the soul and moving off of what feels right for you, your brand + audience, ensures that once your branding journey is complete, you’ll have an authentic brand identity that is a true reflection of your business, its values and the story you intend to tell— a brand that you and your audience will believe in.



With a thoughtful approach to design, we strive to infuse your story and purpose into every element of your branding — showing your audience the real and honest soul behind your brand.



Clean design and refined aesthetics, help your brand story and brand message to be clearly seen, heard, and felt — encouraging an intrinsic connection between you and your audience.



We design from the soul, moving off of only what feels right for each client — ensuring that the result is an authentic identity that truly reflects your business and the story you intend to tell.


Designed with intention,
from the soul.


The Studio — Studio TKFV

The brands working to rewrite narratives and pushing to make change for the better, need to be seen, heard and felt — brands like yours.